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This map shows the locations of PAMAGIC members who have renewed their membership for 2016 or 2017.

Members have been grouped into regions of the state. This may help you identify members near where you work or reside. You can search for a member or street address in the form at the top right.

PAMAGIC is a professional organization that consists of mapping and geographic information specialists from throughout Pennsylvania.

Vist our website for more information.

Data last updated: 9/15/2017.

Members by Region

  • icon representing northwest region members in map legend
  • Northwest Region
  • icon representing southwest region members in map legend
  • Southwest Region
  • icon representing central region members in map legend
  • Central Region
  • icon representing northeast region members in map legend
  • Northeast Region
  • icon representing south-central region members in map legend
  • South Central Region
  • icon representing southeast region members in map legend
  • Southeast Region
  • icon representing members not in Pennsylvania in map legend
  • Outside of Pennsylvania

This map is for general reference purposes only.

The membership database was geocoded using the ESRI World Geocoding service. The mapped location is dependent upon the information provided in the database and the geocoding service.

If the address information was empty, then the member will not appear on this map. If a member provided only a city and state, the location may not be accurate.